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Since 1989, the ER-EL name has become a symbol of reliability and quality in fastening and handling systems. Together with developing the existing capacity, company’s total employment has shown an increasing value. The Company has increased it’s product variety in the area of Clamping Equipment.


"ER-EL MACHINE SPARE PARTS MANUFACTURING INDUSTRY CO.LTD. Since 1989, we have been producing products that make us a symbol of trust and quality in mold clamping and processing equipment. Over the years, ER-EL has progressed more and more confidently with its increasing capacity and total employment. Today, it exports to nearly 35 countries, mainly European countries.

Our R & D department, which operates to provide solutions that meet the needs and demands of our customers, each of which has a distinct value and importance, continues its efforts to increase the product variety with great devotion.  Our company follows an efficient, sustainable way by increasing its investments in order to produce value added, quality and safe products; In 2004, it established ISO 9001 Quality Management System and documented its existing quality. The company has ISO14001 Environmental Management System, OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health Management and CE certificates.

As of today, we are proud to be the leader and manufacturer company in the field of mold & workpiece clamping equipment and processing systems, over 4000 fast immediate delivery stock products.

In addition to our standard production, we also produce project-based special fixture apparatus.  industry-renowned companies; mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic fixture products that we design and produce for the workpiece are used. With our product group optimizing system efficiency; we continue to produce world-accepted standards that are valid in the field.

Our company moved to the new factory in 2017; with its dynamic and expert staff in the field of production facility and management building, it works with superior performance for customer  satisfaction with both standard and project based fixture solutions.

MIKSAN Fast Coupling Systems company which has been serving to the sector as a manufacturer of mold fasteners in our country and abroad for 30 years has been purchased as of 15th of October 2019 and ER-EL Mold Clamping and Processing Systems has joined our company.  MIKSAN products which are an ER-EL brand; Our company will continue to serve with quality and assurance.

 We would like to thank you, our esteemed customers for your trust in ER-EL and hope to work for many years with the same stability and confidence.

Kind regards; ER-EL Directors"

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