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All the editing tools you need in one program

CIMCO Edit is a sure choice for CNC programmers who demand reliability and versatility in cost-effective programming. The latest version of CIMCO Edit is the most popular CNC editor on the market. CIMCO Edit offers a comprehensive range of editing tools that are necessary for modern CNC program editing.

Simulate and edit before going to the CNC machine

3D milling and 2D turning have their own simulation with which you can follow the movements of the NC program line by line or continuously. The changes and corrections you make to the NC program are automatically updated in the simulation. The simulation view can be magnified, moved, rotated and measured dynamically.

Smart file comparison

Cimco Edit has a fast and fully customizable file comparison feature to see more common NC program problems. The comparison finds differences in the files and deleted or added rows but ignores unnecessary changes such as renumbering or added spaces. The differences can be presented either line by line or all at once.


  • NC code simulation
  • File comparison
  • NC Assistant
  • NC-avustaja
  • NC code editing (including line numbering, XYZ rangefinder, mathematical functions, rotate, mirror and replace functions, and more)
  • DNC data transfer and much more