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Walter GPS

walter gps

Effective use of modern tools and toolpaths requires the correct use of methods. Walter GPS is a versatile tool to help you find the right tools and machining values. With Walter GPS, you can easily find machining values for the tools you have or a tool / method proposal for the item you are machining. Thanks to the extensive tool and material library, you get accurate starting values for your machining operation, which can be easily modified according to the tool life. Machining value recommendations can also take into account e.g. the machine tool you are using, the concentration of the cutting fluid, the stability of the attachment, etc. The application also works in a mobile environment and is also available in full Finnish.




Finland's and the world's most popular CAM software Mastercam Finnish-language website, where you can find up-to-date information about the software and comprehensive training and support material.


Walter Tools General Catalogue

walter general

Walter Tools 2605-page product catalog offers solutions for turning, milling, drilling, threading and tool mounting.


Mastercam Treenipalvelu

mastercam treeni

The free Mastercam training service is an interactive Mastercam learning environment implemented in the Moodle environment, where learning the basics of the software is easy with the help of Finnish-language material. You can also download the student / demo version of Mastercam from the training service.


Mastercam supportsite

Mastercam tuki

Mastercam Support website provides solutions to the most common problems with both installation and software use. You can also download the Mastercam software and the latest menus and updates in Finnish from the site.

Mastercam license assistance

Mastercam Lisenssiapu

Use the Mastercam License Assistance to resolve issues with the introduction of a new license or the renewal of an old license.



Heidenhain Manuaali

Heidenhain website contains pdf guides for Heidenhain TNC controls and data transfer.