Industrial shelves and cabinets, Treston

Modular shelving unit, shelf, and cabinet options help create efficient and functional storage for industrial and technical environments. A wide range of accessories helps customise the storage solution to meet the user’s specific needs. A neat work environment improves work pace and safety at work.

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Industrial shelves and cabinets, Treston

Creating neat and efficient workspaces with shelves and cabinets
Shelving units, shelves, and cabinets are indispensable for keeping spaces neat and organised. In addition, organisation and tidiness make working easier and faster, and also improve safety at work. A good storage system adapts to many needs and has a designated place for everything. Proper storage also helps significantly prolong the technical lifetime of work equipment.

Treston offers many options for building an efficient, comprehensive storage solution for industrial and technical environments. We also design and manufacture customised solutions that make the most out of the space. We also offer cabinets and shelving systems with ESD protection, which are suitable for use in EPAs.

Multipurpose rather than simply storage
A versatile selection of accessories enables combining cabinets and shelves into many different, comprehensive storage solutions. A shelving cabinet can easily be changed into a bin cabinet or a multi-drawer cabinet, and lockable drawers and cabinets provide secure storage. Drawer units can easily be fitted with suitable organisers and dividers for different tools by choosing one of the ready-made drawer insert combinations. Some of the furniture can also serve as dividers, because it stands firmly even under a heavy load. Individual cabinets are also easy to move by using a forklift, for example. 

Modular shelving grows with the operations
The Treston industrial shelving system is based on standard parts, extension parts, doors, perforated panels, and other extra supplies, which can be added and combined to create efficient, comprehensive solutions to meet different storage needs. The shelving system’s cabinets are always freestanding, and they can serve as individual storage units.

The robust Treston heavy-duty shelving system is designed specifically for environments in which shelving needs to be strong enough to withstand heavy-duty wear. The heavy-duty shelving system offers versatile, comprehensive storage. A shelving system can be built according to the user’s own needs using the standard parts. The maximum load capacity of an individual shelf is 400 kg, which means that almost anything can be put on the shelf and it will not buckle under the load.

Cabinets help keep items in good condition
In a lockable cabinet, valuable tools, devices, and small items can be kept in their designated places, protected from dirt and dust. The locking systems to choose from include a traditional lock with a key and wire pull, or a locking handle, in which the key is only needed to lock the cabinet. 

In industrial cabinets and shelving cabinets,  the minimum load capacity of the shelves is always 150 kg, and leg tips enable the cabinets to stand firmly on an uneven surface. These cabinets are always delivered assembled. The cabinets for industrial shelving systems and heavy storage systems are delivered unassembled. All the cabinet models can also be provided with ESD protection.

A locking system included as needed
A three-level locking system or an electronic code lock is available for some cabinet models. The three-level locking system can be implemented in two ways, depending on the security needs.